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Misc Photos of le Parc des Bouillides

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Creation of the “Association Pour la Preservation Parc des Bouillides” (A.P.P.B)


The Association for the Preservation of Le Parc des Bouillides was created today.

Their first meeting will be held on December 1st 2016, at the “Mairie Annexe, Centre de vie” in Garbejaire, Sophia Antipolis at 7 PM.

More information will be given on on how the Association will operate and its future action.

Please share this with people likely to be interested, not everybody is on the internet and facebook.

Thank you in advance.

Find out more on their facebook page:



Thank You For Supporting the Preservation of Le Parc des Bouillides


Would like to thank all of you who supported our action and shared these posts on facebook.

We are positive that in the long run we will succeed in protecting our little paradise from destruction.

Today it’s raining and it’s a blessing. The trees, the animals needed water badly. The river Bouillides is back and running down the park.

For those who haven’t signed the petition, you can still do it until mid december on:

Our official facebook page is:

Again thank you so much for your support.

The Project “Ligne Nouvelle” is unacceptable


The whole project Ligne Nouvelle by the politicians and the Railway Company, SNCF, is unacceptable.

The 3 different routes imply a lot of destruction of  trees, lands, animals, properties, and the construction of tunnels under habitations, a double viaduct etc.

This is outrageous!

Can you please speak up and let the SNCF know what you think on their website before mid december?

Thank you in advance.



Full HQ Video about Le Parc des Bouillides

What to do to Save the Parc des Bouillides (on the French Riviera) From Destruction

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The Parc des Bouillides located around Valbonne, French Riviera is a very popular park in the South East part of France.

Everybody comes here to enjoy a “free” gorgeous area. You can chill out, play, run, practice sports in a preserved environment but not for long…

It’s a must to stop the local politicians and the French Railway Company, SNCF, from destroying the Parc des Bouillides as they want to implement a railway station in the core of it!

4500 people live around the park plus many trees, animals, even a rare species of turtle.

Please help us out. In advance thank you for supporting its conservation by signing the petition online:


Giving your opinion on the website of the “SNCF Ligne Nouvelle”. All voices matter:

If you read (or not) French you can simply click on our page the “I Like” button and find out about our action on:


Thank you in advance!

Défendez le Parc des Bouillides En Donnant votre avis Site SNCF

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Veuillez deposer votre avis sur le site de la SNCF concernant la destruction du Parc des Bouillides pour ligne TER/TGV.

D’avance merci.
Tout sera envoyé au Ministère des transports en Novembre 2016.

Decision sera rendue en Mars 2017.

Cliquez sur le lien ci dessous:

Sondage Sauvons Le Parc des Bouillides


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