wide paved pathways, Parc des Bouillides

Hello to our English Speaking friends. Do you know the Park des Bouillides? It is located in Sophia Antipolis. Check it out.

We need to protect it from a dreadful project that would destroy a great place to enjoy outdoor activitlove.

They are contemplating on having trains go right through it and building a train station in the middle of it. Join us in our quest to Save this park that so many people love.

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Parc des Bouillides is on the border of Sophia Antipolis and Antibes, but is also classed as a local park of Valbonne (though it is not near Valbonne village as such).

It is a large park with established trees, grassed areas for picnics and ball games and a small stream.  There are lots of shady areas due to the trees, and water fountains and picnic tables at various locations.

The park has many wide concrete walkways perfect for children’s bikes or scooters, and also for people who are wheelchair-bound as the walkways are excellent condition and flat, paved surfaces.

wide paved pathways, Parc des Bouillides wide paved pathways, Parc des Bouillides

There is a fenced children’s playground with climbing structures, slides, rocking horses and it is entirely floored with safety rubber matting so is good for little ones. The downside is that this playground is not shaded, so be aware on hot days.

fenced children's playground, Parc des Bouillides fenced children’s playground, Parc des Bouillides

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